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Burrito Baits is a reputable brand known for its meticulously crafted fishing lures. These handcrafted baits are made with top-quality ingredients, ensuring their freshness and effectiveness. The Bacca Burrito Swimbait, a standout in their lineup, mimics a shad and excels in the 10-20-foot range of the water column. Anglers appreciate its durable soft silicone construction and streamlined baitfish profile. Whether you’re covering water or targeting schooling fish, Burrito Baits delivers reliable performance for serious anglers. 🎣🌊

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Burrito Baits

Burrito Hardshell (1 Made)

Burrito Baits Hardshell (1 of 1 Extremely Rare)

Burrito Baits

  • Weight: 3.1 oz
  • Length: 7.5"
  • Color: Shad
  • Type: Multi Joint
  • Rarity: Very Very Rare
  • Estimated Value: $1000+
  • Contributed by: Sean Wyatt