KGB Swimbaits

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KGB Swimbaits, established in 2014, has made waves in the fishing world with its exceptional quality and performance. Specializing in custom swimbaits and rods, KGB Swimbaits has become a sought-after brand, especially as the big swimbait craze gains popularity across the United States. Their meticulously designed rods, handmade by skilled artisans in America, offer unparalleled sensitivity, strength, and performance, making them a favorite among serious anglers.

Baits by

KGB Swimbaits

kgb crappie swimbait

KGB Swimbaits Crappie

KGB Swimbaits

  • Species: Largemouth Bass, Musky, Pike
  • Sink Rate: Slow
  • Weight: 3.4 oz
  • Length: 9"
  • Color: Crappie
  • Type: Glide
  • Paint By: KGB
  • Rarity: Common
  • Estimated Value: $180 - $350
  • Contributed by: Sean Wyatt