Narrow Gate Baits

  • Company Location(s): Kentucky
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Narrow Gate Baits (NGB), based in Murray, Kentucky, is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation in the world of fishing lures. Their handcrafted creations have garnered attention among anglers. Notably, the NGB Rat, a wooden wake bait, boasts a distinct knocking sound that entices hungry fish. With its raw yet rodent-like construction, solid hooks, and different lip options, the NGB Rat offers an affordable and accessible wood rat option. Founder Sam Luker’s passion shines through, making Narrow Gate Baits a brand that resonates with both seasoned anglers and newcomers alike.

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Narrow Gate Baits

Narrow Gate Baits Crankdown Salamanderv

Narrow Gate Baits Crankdown Salamander

Narrow Gate Baits

  • Sink Rate: Floating
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Length: 10"
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Salamander, Wake
  • Estimated Value: $100 - $150
  • Contributed by: Sean Wyatt