Pizz Swimbaits

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Pizz Swimbaits, founded by the skilled builder Paul Smith, offers some of the highest quality performing swimbaits on the market. With a decade of bait-building experience, Pizz Swimbaits have been rigorously tested and proven effective in catching fish worldwide. Crafted from top-quality resins and musky-grade hardware, each swimbait features a lifelike, durable tail and Gamakatsu Round Bend bronze hooks to ensure optimal performance. When you tie on a Pizz Swimbait, you’ll feel confident that your next cast could lead to a memorable catch.

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Pizz Swimbaits

Pizz TD 4 Wake Runt (1)

Pizz TD 4 Wake Runt

Pizz Swimbaits

  • Sink Rate: Floating
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Length: 5.25"
  • Color: Bluegill, Sunfish
  • Type: Wake
  • Estimated Value: $500 - $600
  • Contributed by: Sean Wyatt